Bambino (6-8 Years)

Utilising a 50cc Comer engine, the Bambino class is the entry level kart class for youngsters to begin plying their trade in the world of Karting.

Cadets (8 - 13 Years)

Approx top speed 50mph. Where all the greats have started racing. Cadet racing can be intense and incredibly close with entire grids nose to tail.

Juniors (12 - 16 Years)

Junior karting is some of the most competitive Karting you will find, anywhere. Featuring karts that can reach speeds of up to 70mph and full size karts, you're sure to find quality racing in these classes.

Seniors (16+ Years)

For drivers over 16 years of age, Senior karts are the fastest available and come in gearbox or non gearbox varieties. Competition is fierce and the racing is fast, frantic and unbelievably close.

Gearbox Karting

The pinnacle of Kart racing. With machines that can do 0-60 in 3 seconds and hit speeds of over 140mph, some of these karts lap circuits far quicker than many racing cars!