Junior Karting

Junior level karting sees drivers from 11/12 years old compete all the way to 16 years old. These classes are a big step up from Cadet karting, with full size chassis, heavier karts and much more power. This is where kids REALLY hone skills that will set them in good stead for racing in any category in the future.

With a number of different championships and classes filing the Junior ranks, we attempt to breakdown the different options for you, below.


The Rotax classes have been extremely popular since they were introduced at the turn of the century. The 125cc Rotax Max engine took the Karting world by storm and quickly became the most popular option for people coming into the sport.

Replacing older Air Cooled high revving engines with a Water Cooled, rev limited engine with up to 50 hours between rebuilds, the class revolutionized the karting world and the rest of the classes have been playing catch up ever since. Raced at almost every circuit in the UK, you'll never be short of options of where to race!

The Minimax category was launched in 2004 and provided a stepping stone from Cadet karting to Junior Max, ensuring that drivers are not overwhelmed by the additional power that the Junior Max category provided.

The Junior Max category was launched in 2000. With speeds comparable to the premier Junior class of the time (JICA) but with much lower costs, it soon became the most popular class for Juniors. With the addition of EVO engines, it has remained one of the most popular Junior classes in the UK.


Age 11 Years
13 BHP

Junior Max

Age 13 Years
23 BHP


The X30 classes were introduced in 2014 as a viable alternative to the Rotax classes. Utilising a 125cc 2 stroke engine but with no power valve, they are more similar to traditional 100cc Karts but with electric starts and rev restrictions.

The engines are all unsealed and produce similar powers to their Rotax counterparts. Grids have been growing over the years and the majority of UK circuits now support a class for the class.

The Micro X30 class supports drivers from 12-17 years old and uses durable Komet tyres. Meanwhile the Junior X30 class uses the same engine but with some standard part changes giving it extra BHP over it's Micro counterpart.

Mini X30

Age 11 Years
10 BHP

Junior X30

Age 13 Years
21 BHP


The TKM classes have been around UK Karting since 1989 and is the only air cooled kart class to survive the introduction of the Rotax classes into UK Karting. Very little has changed from the original BT82 engine that proved to be super successful and it is still a popular class today.

Using simple air cooled engines with a tried and trusted carb and durable tyres, the TKM class brings a cost effective route into mainstream Karting. The Junior TKM class uses the same engine as the Seniors but with a restrictor in place and 100c rather than 115cc.

Junior TKM

Age 11 Years
16 BHP