The Flags

Yellow Flag


No overtaking. Danger, you must slow down to an appropriate speed and watch for any obstructions.


Great danger, slow down considerably and be prepared to stop. No overtaking.

Green Flag

Shown once you have passed a dangerous Yellow Flag situation.

Also shown during formation laps at each marshal post.

Chequered Flag

Shown at the end of a session and/or race. If you have won the race you are the first to pass this flag, congratulations!

Blue Flag


A faster competitor is following closely behind.


A faster competitor is trying to overtake and you should not fight for position.

False Start

Slow down and reform the grid. Stay in your formation and prepare for a second start.

Slippery Track

The track surface ahead could be slippery. Caution is advised.

Battenburg Flag

Immediately slow down Immediately slow down and form up behind the leader, no overtaking. Continue at a reduced pace, with no overtaking until a green flag is shown at the start finish line. The race leading kart must slow down to a steady pace (as on a rolling start lap).

Red Flag

Proceed slowly, without overtaking, and with maximum caution to pits or start line obeying marshal’s instructions, and being prepared to stop should the track be blocked.

Union Jack

To be used at the start of a race if the lights have failed.

White Flag

The flag will be waved to indicate the sector of the track that the slow moving vehicle is in, and held stationary whilst the vehicle is in the next sector.