What tools are
needed to go Karting?

Time to find out


A guide to your basic essentials

Open Spanners (Have more than one of each!)

10mm (For Sidepods, Sprocket bolts) - Sometimes useful to cut a 10mm in half for some carb nuts (We're looking at you Tillotson!) 13mm (Used to almost everything - Seat, axle bearings, seat stays 17mm (Rear bumpers, engine adjustors) Buy an adjustable spanner just in case

Allen Keys

T Bar Set if possible Metric & Imperial just in case! 5mm is generally the most
common on a kart


Both Phillips and Flat blade Have a variety of different lengths as some bits will be in tricky places! Buy quality tools!


Incase you thought we'd forgotten....

The TOOLBOX! Sorting this early in your Karting days can save a lot of heartache later (I'm speaking from experience). Having a tiny cheap plastic toolbox overflowing with tools exploding on the way to the dummy grid is an eye opener! Get something of a decent size and with several compartments. Separate your tools and get to know (really know) where each has a home. It can be worth buying a smaller toolbox for "on the grid" tools (plug spanner, spare plugs etc) Karting Toolbox


The list goes on...

Decent socketset Socket Set Quality is the key here. Yes, a £20 set may just get you through your first season of karting, but they will also melt like a chocolate teapot at the first sign of a sticky bolt! A decent set of 1/4 inch sockets should be sufficient for most peoples needs. 1/2 inch drives are a little overkill. Cable ties Cable Ties For a long time it was believed dogs were mans best friend. For those of us in the Motorsport world we've long known that it is actually cable ties. Not a lot on a kart will last long without being somehow fastened to the chassis with a cable tie! Don't leave home without hundreds of all different shapes, colours and size! Other must haves - A range of different pliers - wire cutters, needle nose and circlip pliers.
- Tape measure & a steel ruler.
- Measuring jug for measuring oil.
- Hammers. No, seriously, bring more than one. And a rubber Mallet.
- Files and a decent hacksaw.
- Electrical tape.
- Rain X or similar water repellant.

Slide Cleaning Products Karts get dirty. REALLY dirty, especially at a wet race meeting. Clean lint free rags are recommended for cleaning carbs / brakes along with carb / brake cleaners. Sidepods can be cleaned with any decent degreaser or even some neat petrol. If using petrol for any cleaning then please make sure it is in a well ventilated area with and not close to ANY naked flames. Tyre Tongs Tyre tongs make changing tyres a doddle. Unless you fancy adding in wrestling with a stubborn set of tyres onto/off their rims into your daily workout, then these will make the job MUCH easier! Spares - Fuel line
- Sprockets (as big a range of sizes as possible)
- Throttle cable (Inner & Outer)
- Jubilee clips
- A selection of different nuts and bolts with washers.
- Tyre gauge.


The Wishlist

So you've made it through some test sessions or even some race meetings. You've even managed to finish some races without blowing up an engine or otherwise embarrassing yourself. The next level There are some decent 12v air compressors out there that will suffice getting your tyres pumped up on a test or race day. However you may still find yourself looking for help when it comes to popping new tyres onto rims. Get yourself some tyre soap and a basic air compressor and tyres will be no longer be a problem for you!

Next on our wishlist is an awning / ezup for those wet and dreary kart meetings. Any kind of cover is useful however if you can't stretch to a proper awning then at the very least buy a kart cover to keep the rain off the important bits!