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Forest Edge


Forest Edge Kart Club is a long standing, premier kart circuit with a popular Club Championship.

The track was purpose built after the demise of it's previous circuit near Ringwood. The track offers drivers long straights and a mixture of chicanes and fast corners.

FEKC also hosts gearbox karting grids and has a fantastic grid of both 125cc and 250cc of karts most months.

What the drivers think -

The old Forest Edge circuit was a high speed and flowing circuit. Barton Stacey continued the theme with the new track that is both technically challenging and hugely enjoyable to drive. It is definitely one of the top tracks in the UK.

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What classes are run at Forest Edge?

  • 125 Gearbox
  • 250cc Gearbox Kart


1How much is Club Membership in 2021?
A years club membership is £65 - £70. An additional family member is charged at £35. You can find membership details at this link.
2Can I reserve a pit space?
Yes, you can request to reserve a pit space here.
3Can I take my ARKS test at Forest?
Yes, you can. Follow this link for further details on how to take your test at the circuit.

Setup advice


Good mid range power is needed at Forest Edge. The range of medium - full speed corners is high and with decent straights Top Speed is also key.

With off camber corners and a range of curb sizes, it will take time to get a consistent pace. Concentrating on carrying speed through the medium speed corners will ensure revs do not drop too far and speed onto the circuits straights is maintained.

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