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The kart club shares the airfield with the present Shenington Gliding Club. Flying started from the site in 1941 as RAF Edgehill. Initially Wellington bombers used the airfield for flying practice, but occasionally supplying aircraft and crew for operational bombing raids.

A memorial stone is situated near the entrance to the kart circuit. The airfield is more famous for being the site of the test flights of the first jet powered aircraft. In 1942, and amongst great secrecy the tiny Gloster E28/39 came for its trials. The aircraft was fondly known as the “Flying Fart” by all who worked upon it. During 1943 Hurricanes and Martinets came to be based at the site. The Korean War in the early fifties required the re-opening of RAF Edgehill, this time as host to Harvard and Percival Prentice aircraft. If you wish to learn more about RAF Edgehll a book has been written with that title.

Initially the track was accessed from the village itself with various configurations of circuit layout. Within a couple of years it settled on current site, algways using both ‘end’ of the track but with some variations coming back through what is now the pits parking. In part the move to the current site was AP building its own oval banked test track on another part of the airfield. Despite the large attendances the club was soon in debt, so Pietr Klaassen (father of the well know scrutineer Paul) formed a new committee and made it a members only club to get finances back on an even keel. The club passed through the chairmanship of various persons, including Chris Hodgetts (subsequently a British Touring Car Champion), Steve Chapman in the nineties and Mike Coombs from the late nineties to 2012.

Mark Allen, another long time committee member, has raced at the club since the Mansell days and his wife Lesley is now Chairperson. In the early nineties a small addition to the track included the Wilkins complex, named after Tony Wilkins, who has raced almost since the beginning and has raced up to a few years ago, he still demonstrates on a 210 National kart. During another low point in the club’s history in 1969 Tony and wife Sue joined the committee and helped to foster a regenerative process that lasts to today. The club is a limited company, not profit making, everything being ploughed back into maintenance and development. The current Race Control and Scrutineering Building was built in 1987/88, replacing an earlier wooden structure.

What the drivers think -

Shenington is a demanding circuit, despite it's reasonable simple looking track layout. Many slow corners leading onto long straights make it brilliant for overtaking and close racing has always been guaranteed there.

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06novAll Day07Shenington IKRRound 6

20novAll Day21Shenington Club ChampionshipRound 10

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  • Junior TKM
  • TKM Extreme
  • TKM Clubman
  • 250cc Gearbox Kart

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