Slide How to get
Karting can be a daunting sport to begin
with but we're here to make life a little easier
and get you started.

Slide 01 Our Circuit Map will show you where your local track is. Using our circuit guide you can then find out which race classes run at that particular circuit. Often different circuits will run both MSUK & Independent Kart racing series. Check out your local circuit in our Circuit guide to see what classes run there. 02 Try Karting! If you've yet to try driving a Kart then get to your local indoor circuit and give an Arrive n Drive session a go. These can cost as little as £10 as will give you a taster of what Karting is like. If you catch the bug then the next step is a trip to your local outdoor track where you can try some faster karts on a faster circuit.

Slide 03 When it comes to buying a kart, do your research. There are many fantastic Karting forums online and Facebook groups such as Karting UK where you can ask any questions that you have about a potential purchase. Your first kart does not have to be a world beater, but a well maintained, non curbed example is usually a good place to start. 04 Buy as good a helmet as your budget allows. Karts can be replaced but your head cannot! We cannot stress this enough, spend as much as you can on a helmet! And we're not talking about an amazing paint job! The same goes for overalls, gloves and boots. All this kit is there to protect you and that is priceless.